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16 Dec



“Happy Hanukkah!”

10 Dec

happy chanukkah

“Happy Birthday!” to my brother…

1 Dec

"...the icing on the cake..."

“…the icing on the cake…”

Hi, there!

I didn’t have time yesterday, but, I wanted to wish my baby brother a very happy 48th birthday! It’s been a rough year for the both us with our mother terminally ill, but, she’s hanging in there! Thank god!

Anyway… have an awesome birthday, Dude!

Love, your big sis!

Take care,


“Happy Thanksgiving!”

22 Nov

“…leave room for pie!”

Hi, there!

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving! ๐Ÿ™‚

Take care,


re-entering the workforce soon… “yay!”

15 Nov

“The Road Less Traveled”

Hi! There…

Good News! It seems that all the seeds that I have planted over the past 8 months are finally paying off!

This week has been a flurry of activity, as far as interviews have been concerned and it looks like I will be returning to the work force beginning the week after Thanksgiving! Just in the nick of time! As the Federal Extension Unemployment Tier that I’ve received comes to an end nationally on Thursday 12/29/2012! I only had 4 UI benefit checks left!

That’s certainly going to make living a lot easier while I’m in school for the next year and a half. At least I won’t have to worry about the rent and basic living expenses for a while and I would like to fly back home to see my mother before shes dies, too.

I’m so happy and relieved now! Just wanted to share some good news for a change.

Take care, talk soon.


life is stabilizing…

12 Nov

“Enjoying Autumn”

Hi! There…

Well, after almost two months of hospital and rehabilitation, mom is back home and we still haven’t heard if she will need home health care or hospice. Either way, I’d rather be home if I were dying.

So, far, the Chemotherapy seems to be effective in further tumor and cancer growth, but, no sign of it shrinking anything down to size. It’s also difficult to determine when she’s going to have a lucid day.

I’m also trying to remain calm as I just heard that my unemployment extended Federal tiers all end for everyone nationwide on Thursday, 12/29/12. If this wasn’t ending I would have received these benefits until August of next year. So, I’m feeling the stress of trying to find work now, too.

It’s really difficult to concentrate on my courses in school with all of this going on in my life, too.

But, I’m hanging in there!

Take care, talk soon,



‘Happy Veteran’s Day!’

12 Nov

our hearts go out to the people of New York & New Jersey…

8 Nov

“Brooklyn bridge, New York, NY”

Hi, there!

I’ve recently checked in with all my friends and family on the East Coast to make sure that everyone is alright. Thank god everybody is ok. But, my heart goes out to all the folks back there getting hammered by the Nor’easter yesterday and today.

Please see our new button in the side bar for a link to the Red Cross donation site.

Other possible options might be to donate blood or time with an organization sending supplies to those affected by the both storms.

There’s no way that I could even begin to imagine what those poor folks are going through.

Take care, talk soon.


“don’t forget to vote!”

6 Nov

“Patriotic Pie!”

Hi! There!

Wow! We made it! I can’t believe today is election day! YAY! Finally! ๐Ÿ™‚

I just thought that I’d mention that this is a very important election and to urge you all to vote!

Have an awesome day!

Take care, talk soon!



2 Nov

“Hoping for some light at the end of the tunnel.”

Hi, there!

Should find out today if mom can go home from the rehab center.

Although my brother says that her weight dropped really low which is what happens with lung cancer patients, but, she’s dropped 10 lbs. in a week.

Either way, need to find out if she needs home health care or hospice care. We’re just not talking about the ‘C’ word with her, as she just wants to be happy and not have to deal with any death issues right now.

She just wants to go home. ย Can’t blame her!

Take care, talk soon!


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