“happy halloween!”…

31 Oct

Hi, there!

“Happy Halloween!”

Believe it or not, my parents got married on this day back in 1959!

I know…  sigh!… would not have been my choice for a wedding date. LOL!

Have fun and be safe tonight if trick or treating.

Take care, talk soon,



time spent in nature can be very rewarding…

29 Oct

“Camping is a great way to relax and listen to nature.”

Hi, there!

I really miss going camping, I highly recommend doing so near water of some kind.

The last time I went, I was up in Lake Tahoe, California. It’s one of the best ways to stop the world from spinning, not think about anything and not have to listen to any white noise such as traffic or aircraft sounds.

<sigh> Maybe I’ll go again, sometime really soon, I hope. Until then, I listen to the Pandora nature sounds as often as possible. 😉

Take care, talk soon,



farewell classmates, a parting gift of music…

28 Oct

“The road to success is paved with hard work and good intentions… just like a cobblestone road.”

Hi, there!

It’s been a lot of fun, but, all things must come to an end.

My parting gift to my classmates on this last day of the term is an installed link in the sidebar of my blog to KFOG’s live stream of ‘Acoustic Sunrise’ this morning and ‘Acoustic Sunset’ this evening! (actually this stream is live 24/7 but, I really enjoy this show on Sundays a lot!).

Good luck to you all and feel free to stay in touch!

Take care, talk soon!


have an awesome weekend!

26 Oct

Painted sky. Grand Canyon, Arizona.

Hi, there!

I found this breath-taking pic and just had to share it with everyone! It’s gorgeous and it puts me in a state of peacefulness.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!

Take care, talk soon,


back from my time out…

26 Oct

“When one door closes, another opens.”

hi there!

Well, my mother was released from the hospital to a rehab facility yesterday and she now becomes a chemo and radiation out-patient. She won’t be going through any surgeries, because at her age and the severity of her condition, she might survive an operation.

We can only hope that the treatments will stop or shrink the growth of her 3 tumors.  The worst is over for this round anyway.

Right now we’re very  appreciative of a new door opening in her life.

Thanks so much for your support during this difficult time, it has greatly been appreciated.

Take care, talk soon,


time out update…

24 Oct

Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, California.

Hi, there!

I wish I had better news, but, reality came crashing down on me earlier today. All the tests are in and my mother has 3 different tumors, no need for details, but, no surgery is currently scheduled nor will there be. Provided the chemotherapy and radiation stabilize or shrink them, she’s looking at a year to a year and a half left of survival.

Both my brother and I were not ready for something like this and it seemed to come on so suddenly, too. I think it’s all finally hitting me now.

I found out this morning soon after I woke up and began to cry, as the morning skies were weeping.


Take care, talk soon,


keeping in touch…

20 Oct

Sequoia National Forest, Northern California.

Hi, There!

Well, it looks like my mother’s illness has become very serious and she is starting chemotherapy today for a lung tumor that has spread to her liver and leaning on her heart and esophagus. It sounds like she needs to take a time out and see if she can pull through this.

Anyway, I keep forgetting to post this really cool live stream to my favorite radio station to listen to on Sundays, KFOG, in San Francisco, California. On Sunday Mornings they have a show called ‘Acoustic Sunrise’ and during late afternoons/early evenings on Sunday they have a similar show called ‘Acoustic Sunset’.

I’m telling you about this because, its relaxing to listen to, sort of like if you went to hear someone in a bar or coffee-house playing music, except it’s the acoustic version of popular rock, folk and pop songs. I’ve listened to this station for almost 20 years! But, now they stream worldwide on the Web:


Hope you all have an awesome Sunday!

Take care, talk soon,


still taking a time out…

16 Oct

“…and miles to go before I sleep.”

Hi, there!

Still on my time out waiting to find out what is wrong with my mom. But, I wanted to share this awesome and peaceful pic with you to help you through your day!

Take care, talk soon,


taking a time out…

14 Oct

Hi, there!

I just received word that my elderly mother is in the hospital after being ill for 4 weeks after receiving a flu shot. We’re hopeful it is not the “C” word.

I’ll be taking a ‘time out’ to attend to things long distance from the left coast, while my brother does all the footwork back east.

Take care, talk soon,


“Hoping for the best, for mom.”

welcome back to… peaceful sounds

14 Oct

Hi, there!

I really wanted to share this free site with you with a few recommendations: http://www.pandora.com

I’ve been pretty stressed out lately and have listened to the following radio stations on Pandora:

  • Acoustic New Age
  • Ambient Radio
  • Nature New Age
  • Nature Project Radio
  • Nature Radio
  • Nature Sounds
  • New Age Ambient Radio
  • Soothing Waters Radio
  • Spa Radio

I also thought I would start displaying some of my favorite images on my Pinterest page. I’ve also posted a link to Pinterest in the side bar for your viewing pleasure.

Take care,



“Hope you’re all enjoying your autumn!”

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